Puzzle 4: Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

We have to admit this puzzle might be hard to grasp at first but look at the beans again. Each bean represents a number 1 to 8 and also has another number attached to it. You need to find the correct order to enter your four digit code.

Alright, Alright we understand. You are looking for numbers that are part of the same sequence in a math riddle. For example what does one of each colour bean have in common?

Have you tried to divide the first bean (which represents 687) by the number of boxes you have just bought from the trolley?

Whatever you want, of course. Here is the answer: 1467
The right math riddle here is that all beans have to be divided by the number of boxes so by 4. The first bean is 687 and that divided by 4 equals 171,75 (aka the fourth bean). Then 171,75 divided by four equals 42,94 (the sixth bean). Last but not least 42,94 divided by 4 equals 10,73 (the seventh bean).