Puzzle 20a: The Midnight Duel

This puzzle really isn’t that complicated. To get to the answer all you need to do is look at the cards in front of you.

Well I find my explanations to be very calculated. But I’ll make it easier for you. Every card has words written on them, I wonder what would happen if you used certain letters of these words..

The spells you need to use are ‘Flipendo & Rictusempra’.
You literally take the first letter of every discription on the card for both Silas and Galen.
From London, Inches 73 pureblood, eager, narcissistic, dazzling, opulent. (Flipendo)
Raised in Cambridge, 70 tall, unusual, sarcastic, excellent, manipulative, pureblood, ruthless, ambitious. (Rictusempra)