Puzzle 20b: The Midnight Duel

It’s time to put the cards on the table. Literally. You have to look at the cards that are already on the table and use them with the corresponding chart at the top of the table.

Did someone use a confundus charm on you? Let me try a counter charm! Well that’s awkward, nothing happened. Ahum, let me just help you then. You need to use the numbers and colours on the cards and put them into the chart so you’re left with a word. So for example the first card is yellow and has three numbers on it, so match your yellow to the numbers (chronologically).

The spell you’re looking for is called ‘Petrificus Totalus’.
So the wand motions all have a colour, a colour that also corresponds with the colours on the chart. The cards also have different numbers on them, in chronological order. For example the first card ‘Incarcerous’ has the numbers ‘5’, ‘1’, and ‘10’. Translating these numbers back to the yellow row in the chart, gives you the letters ‘P’, ‘E’, and ‘T’.