Puzzle 19: The Forbidden Forest

Use the signs on the trees to see which symbols you need. Each symbol obviously has a value.

Try to look at the other tree, what are those? Runes? Yes. Use the values on the runes.

The runes translate to normal letters of the alphabet. See if you can translate the values of the symbols into runes to translate the runes into words.

Why don’t you try to find out what those four symbols mean when you translate them and put them together.

Try searching Google for patience classes. Anyway, the answer here is: 'Silas (&) Galen'
The symbols in the forest match with a number, the number of which rune you need to use. So, for example, the first symbol is a goblet with the number 8 and then you take the eighth rune which is the rune for the letter S.

If you had looked at one of the previous hints maybe you wouldn’t have to click on this question. Alas, you didn’t. SAGA is an abbreviation from SilAs and GAlen.