Puzzle 10: The Post Card

There is a card that has two sides to it. You need both sides for this puzzle.

Beautiful colours those potions. It’s almost like you just want to count how many of those beautiful potions are depicted on the card. But don’t forget the beautiful colours on the front of the card.

You need to count the potions, but only the ones that match the colours on the stamp. Then you are left with a code.

We thought we’d give you a break with the hard puzzles and let you have this one, but oh well. The answer you’re looking for is ‘2534’.
There are four colours on the stamp of the postcard, those are blue,green, purple and red (in that order). On the other side there are 2 blue potions, 5 green potions, 3 purple potions and 4 red ones. All together this makes for the code ‘2534’.