Puzzle 16: Potions Class

You need to find out Leonora’s last name, so you’re looking for a word. Look around at the colours above the door. Maybe they can help you decipher the last name.

What you need to do next is take the colour order and look at the matching items. The items also display the same colours. You need to look at the items and count to the letter in the circle. So for example the first color is blue and it says ‘3’ so what is the third letter of hat?

Alright, the answer here is ‘Travers’.
The first color is blue and the blue item is a ‘hat’ the third letter in hat is a ‘t’. The second colour is pink and when you look at the pink item it is the diary which has the number four so the fourth letter of diary is ‘r’. The third colour is green and matches the item of the cauldron which has a two the second letter of cauldron is ‘a’. The fourth colour is red matching the vase and 1, the first letter of vase is ‘v’. Next up is yellow, the matching item here is a snake the fifth letter of snake is ‘e’. Next up is purple which matches the butterbeer, the sixths letter of butterbeer is ‘r’. The last one is light blue which matches the sword and the first letter of sword is an ‘s’.