Puzzle 17: Wizard Chess

Have you ever played chess before? Every piece has a set place on the board. Maybe that will help you out with the values given.

Oh, my dark lord. If you Google to check the setup of a chessboard you’ll see where every piece on the board should go. A small reminder: you’re playing with the black pieces.

Well, luckily there's a nifty looking spinny-thing next to the chessboard. You can use that to translate your answer and that might lead to the final answer, or not.

Maybe. Your first answer should be 394.

Fine! The second answer, once you've translated the previous one, should now come to '713'.
Queen = 258 (because you’re playing with the black pieces the queen is on the black square of 258)
Tower = 42
Horse = 178
258 - 42 + 178 = 394
Then you have to look at the converter wheel (the outer circle for your previous number) and you’ll get 3 = 7, 9 = 1 and 4 = 3